2nd meeting of ICAP project

On Thursday May 18th the 2nd meeting of ICAP project has been held by Fakultät der technischen Wissenschaften, Materialtechnologie
Universität Innsbruck Material Center Tirol. The meeting was attended by 4 experts:
• Judith Sinic W3C
• Luigi Valan INNOVAFVG
• Giuseppe Da Cortà Certottica
• Georg Strauss Material Center Tyrol

Luigi Valan presented the new ICAP website managed by INNOVAFVG and partner went through the different sections to discuss the actions to be taken to maintain and improve it. Partners complimented INNOVAFVG for the excellent work.
The discussion moved to identification of requirements and needs of SME.
Judith Sinic presented results of survey and a research that includes technology scouting and laboratory test. The main output is that most of SME never heard about plasma treatments hence have no experience with this technology but there is an interest.
Da Cortà explained his output concerning this topic and the main work items that emerged from the companies needs. Informs partner about the meeting held the day before in DIENER electronic and the technical discussions. Work items are discussed and Georg Strauss suggests the actions to be taken: due to the high interest for the PVD coating of titanium frames, a meeting can be organized that involves manufacturing companies and coating center. Strauss presented a collection of PVD colour samples.